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Your Advisors Interest May Not Align With Yours

iStock_000032784774SmallWhen individuals are choosing an investment advisor, it can be a very confusing process. After all, to most people, we all look the same, just different firm names; however, there are many differences. At the core, there are advisors that are legally bound to work in the best interest of …

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Goldman Sachs – Not the Real Problem

The government allows companies like Goldman and other brokers to act under suitability rules. This means that a client has to be suitable for the investment, but does not mean that the product is the best for the client. Continue reading

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The Cruel World of Financial Advice

You expect that your banker or broker will always do what is in your best interest. Can they? It’s a mixed up world when your financial advisor is your salesman. Continue reading

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Harvard Endowment Looks to Become More Liquid

The managers of the Harvard Endowment have long been hailed as innovators. Their alternative investments include commodities like timber (famously employing lumberjacks), private equity, and hedge funds.…

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